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Echoes of Highland Jazz is published!

I started writing the history of my 20 years as Director of Highland Jazz in August 2012cover jpg. I made the decision early on to write an e-book so that I could incorporate music into the text. I actually used this blog to work on the rough draft of the book. Fortunately I had saved all the fliers and newspaper clippings from 1983 to 2003 and was able to describe the concerts that took place each year. I had also kept hundreds of photographs which our “staff photographer” Ruth Williams had given to me.

The more challenging part concerned the music. I had about 33 cassette tapes that Ed Williams, our “recording engineer” had given to me. They only represented 1/3 of the more than 175 concerts that I produced. But there was enough music on the tapes to be representative of the kind of music Highland Jazz presented.

Getting the music transferred into a digital format was more challenging. I didn’t own the required technology myself; originally I thought there would be lots of people in the Boston area who could do it. If they existed I couldn’t find them. Fortunately a friend recommended someone who agreed to do the work. Once I had the music on CDs I then had to create audio clips and post them onto Youtube. This turned out to be very time-consuming, especially when I tried to shorten a particular track or combine two recordings. Since these are live recordings you will probably notice that the quality varies depending on the venue itself, how the instruments were miked etc. Still I hope you agree that there is something special about hearing a live track.

You can find the book at the following links.

Please spread the word.