The Highland Jazz Cabaret Comes To Town

jazz logo  The spring of 1990 heralded the debut of the Highland Jazz Cabaret. My goal had also been to create a relaxed and informal setting for concerts. The Founders Room seemed an ideal setting to transform into a cabaret. We set up tables around the room and also offered individual seating for those who preferred that arrangement.

Gray Sargent Trio

Grey Sargent Trio
photograph by Ruth Williams

In March we featured the Alex Elin Piano Trio followed in April by the Gray Sargent Trio with Marshall Wood on bass and Jim Gwin on drums.

Gray Sargent

Gray Sargent
photograph by Ruth Williams

Ed Williams made a live recording of this concert for an upcoming cassette. This was an opportunity for the audience to hear Gray in a small group setting where his playing could really shine.

In May we introduced a new musician – saxophonist and composer Cercie Miller. Formally a member of the group, “Girl’s Night Out,” Cercie now led her own quartet.  Accompanying her were James Brough on piano and synthesizer, Joe Fitzgerald on bass and Bob Savine on drums.

Cercie Miller

Cercie Miller
photograph by Ruth Williams


Cercie Miller was the first female saxophonist to play for the Highland Jazz series. She’s a small woman with a large sound, both rich and energetic. Critic Bob Blumenthal of the Boston Globe had described Cercie’s playing as “torrid and scorching.” He was right -it was an exciting evening of music.

Where are they now?

Over the years Cercie has played in numerous Highland Jazz concerts. She is currently on the performance faculty at Wellesley College and director of the student group “Wellesley BlueJazz.” In this video from the 2013 Provincetown Jazz Festival she plays an original composition “Blue Parrot.”

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